Google Bans All Cryptocurrency Advertising

Google has announced a ban on all cryptocurrency advertising on their platform. The claim we are hearing is that Google wants to protect their users from possibly fraudulent ICO’s and other questionable schemes. This sudden over protective attitude seems a little odd coming from Google which allows advertising for almost anything else.

Some have even speculated that the ban has more to do with Google wanting to create their own currency and advertise it exclusively on Google. Both Google and Facebook have expressed an interest in exploring the blockchain technology.

The ban on advertising has opened up a new world for what they call “Twitter influencers”. These are Twitter personalities with large followings who constantly Tweet news and updates about specific coins. Some of these guys are quite informed and offer a real service. Many coins are now hiring these “influencers” to promote their coins. The reputable ones always disclose when they are being paid, so I don’t have any problem with that. In fact, I have found some great deals on coins in the early stages which I would have never heard of without Twitter.

One of my favorites on Twitter is @Cryptomocho This guy’s favorite line is “I have a bag”. He has a knack for finding these obscure coins that no one has ever heard of which are selling in the 2 satoshi range. In other words, anyone can afford these coins. Most of these coins are on the smaller exchanges and relatively unknown. Of course, they are not all winners, but I’ve seen enough of them do well to know to check out the ones he mentions.

Ironically, the Google Ad ban has created an almost subculture of Twitter personalities who are in essence their own ads for cryptocurrencies except these ads are much more interesting and fun!

Disclaimer: this is not financial advice

Steempress Attracts WordPress Bloggers to Steemit


Steempress is a free WordPress plugin for WordPress bloggers. The Steempress plugin is attracting more users to Steemit because they can now post to both Steemit and their blog in one click.

Installation consists of a simple upload to the admin section of WordPress. Once you have uploaded the plugin, you will need to get your posting key from your permissions in the wallet area. Enter your ID and posting key. Adjust your settings to your desired posting schedule. You can schedule post to Steemit immediately or set a delay to post minutes or even hours after you publish your post on your blog.

WordPress has millions of users who produce content everyday. Now those users can join Steemit and add their content to Steemit as well. Once these bloggers see the benefits of earning Steem, I think they will be hooked.

Tasteem A Restaurant Review App on the Steem Blockchain

Welcome to Tasteem, another Steem Blockchain event.

Tasteem is one of the latest additions to the Steem blockchain. Tasteem looks like a high end Yelp where you can
leave restaurant reviews and food reviews. The app has been active on the Korean site, but is not yet available world wide.
Looking at the posts on the Korean site, you can see beautiful pictures of food, exotic restaurants along with reviews from Steemit users. The restaurant reviews earn Steem just like any other post.

The main site is still in development. Tasteem has just received a large delegation from Steemit so I think we can expect to see some great things from this site in the near future.

I have been comparing this to Yelp, but I think Tasteem has a certain elegance that Yelp lacks. I will be posting more updates on Tasteem in the near future.

Steemhunt Announces Account Based Voting

As the introduction of Smart Media Tokens becomes closer to a reality, we should all be exploring the newer communities of Steemit.

One of the most exciting platforms of late is Steemhunt. This product finding site has so many opportunities that it is hard to know where to start.
You find the latest products and technology and list the product. This listing is then
eligible for votes just like any other post. What makes this platform even more interesting is the newly implemented voting system on Steemhunt.

The new voting system is an account based system. Your Steem power is less important and your reputation score has taken on a new importance. This really levels the playing field for minnows who do not have much Steem power. Curation trails and bots may be used, but they have no effect on the ranking of the products which determines the Steemhunt vote.

I think it is quite exciting to have the winning products determined by Steemhunt users without any outside influences. This should also make the product selection better and provide even more incentives for great hunts.

Steem Commands 49% of All Blockchain Activity This Week

Once again, Steem tops the chart as the most active cryptocurrency. For the past seven days Steem commands 49% of all Global blockchain activity.
Bitshares comes in second place with over 28% of all activity. Ethereum represents a little over 12 percent.

In spite of the fact that Bitcoin is the most well known cryptocurrency, the activity of Bitcoin represents only
5.5% of all activity. All the remaining cryptocurrencies represent just 4% of all activity.

The fact that most currencies seem to follow the volatility of Bitcoin is all the more surprising when you see these figures. When Bitcoin dips, most of the altcoins do the same. As Bitcoin rises, the altcoins tend to rise as well. Why would the market be dictated by a coin that only makes up 5% of overall blockchain activity?

I think as the market matures, we will see Bitcoin decouple from the altcoins and have less effect on their prices. This would be good for the entire market allowing coins to be valued on their individual merits instead of rising and falling with Bitcoin.

3 Reasons Why Steempress May Be The Best Way to Monetize Your Blog

WordPress Plugin

One of the greatest challenges of maintaining a blog is the constant battle for traffic. Of course, not just any traffic will do, we all want targeted traffic. We also need a way to monetize our content. We have all seen numerous examples of monetization such as affiliate offers and even Google Adsense. As internet users become more savvy, earning income using these methods has become more difficult.

For one thing, programs like Google adsense have placed so many restrictions on website owners that you may feel like you are working for Google instead of running your own site. If your site happens to relate to cryptocurrency, the limitations are even more severe.

The new WordPress plugin, Steempress may be the answer to many of these problems. The plugin is free and easy to use and solves the following problems.

1. Steempress automatically links your blog to Steemit so you will have built in traffic from the Steemit platform.

2. By sharing your content on Steemit, you may earn from both other Steemit users and your content is also eligible for a vote for Steempress. This plugin is actually supporting your writing by upvoting the content of many of the Steempress plugin bloggers.

3. Perhaps the most important reason to use Steempress is the fact that both you and your content are not limited. You can write about cryptocurrency without the fear of Google closing your account. I think this freedom is what makes Steempress and Steemit so special. You are free to express yourself without limitations and Steempress is supporting your blog while you do so.

If you are grateful for this opportunity like I am, make sure you leave a review for the plugin on WordPress. These reviews are great exposure for both Steempress and Steemit. Afterall, Steempress is supporting us, so let’s take a moment and support them.

Steempress WordPress Plugin

How to Find The Latest Steem Projects

New projects are being developed using the Steem Blockchain everyday. If you are like me, you may have found some of the new Steem platforms by reading Steemit. Most of these kind of posts are on the trending page, but often the projects have been around for months before we see a post about them. This means you have missed months of potentially earning Steem on a new platform.

Steem Projects is a website that features new projects on the Steem blockchain. You will find everything from sites like Dtube and Dsound to WordPress plugins, browsers,games, and just about any other type of application for Steem.

The only drawback to this site is that some of these projects are still in the beginning stages. Some are still in beta and not really available yet. For this reason I like to also go to the delegation tool at Steembottracker. This tool allows you to enter any account on Steemit and see where they are delegating power. I enter the name “Misterdelegation” which is the Steemit delegation account that has given delegations for sites like busy, Esteem, Dlive, Dtube, Dmania and many others.

As you can see below, the delegations are numerous and quite large. When a platform is being delegated a million Steem power, I tend to think that platform will be a success and is certainly worth checking out.

Finding these new platforms is especially good if you are new to Steemit and have not gained a real following yet. Many of the new platforms like Steemhunt, Steempress, Dmania and Dtube support their content providers with votes from the platform itself. These votes are for various amounts and may happen several times a day or even several times an hour. These platform votes are a great way to get started earning Steem. I find it exciting to explore all of the new platforms of Steem. I hope you will find it fun and profitable too. These are a few to check out.

Dubai Launches Their Own Cryptocurrency : Emcash

The government of the city of Dubai has officially joined the blockchain revolution. The city has just issued their own cryptocurrency called Emcash. Dubai’s economic deputy director listed several reasons for the decision to embrace the blockchain technology with the introduction of their own digital currency.

Some of the benefits of cryptocurrency include lower cost, quicker transaction times, and the potential for worldwide acceptance.

The payment system for Emcash is called Emwallet. The wallet has been designed to handle transactions as small as a cup of coffee as well as larger transactions such as college tuition. All of the Emwallet transaction may be conducted on a Smartphone.

Dubai, which has always been a futuristic city, is expected to introduce more innovations during the year. The goal is to build a complete blockchain economy. As blockchain becomes a reality in more governments and major cities, we are likely to see unprecedented changes into how governments do business. The fact that the blockchain offers complete transparency could change government for the better.

Salt Lending Will Disrupt the Credit Industry

Salt Lending will change the credit world as we know it. We all know how difficult it is to just hold your favorite cryprocurrency. Whether you are invested in Steem or Bitcoin, the last thing most of us want to do is cash out our coins in order to pay some mundane bill. We all know, however, that sometimes this is necessary.

Salt takes care of the liquidity problem that so many crypto investors face. Salt makes loans to consumers and uses the crypto as collateral. At the moment, Salt only deals in Bitcoin and Ethereum, but we will probably see more coins added as the market continues to grow.

Salt offered their first loans in 2017. At the moment the loans are to individuals and are usually for 36 months. The average interest rate of 12 to 20 percent seems high, but not when compared to the double digit gains you may have if you can continue to hold your investment. Salt will hold your crypto and loan you up to 60% of the value of your collateral. Some states limit the service to financial institutions while others allow individuals to participate.

At the moment the industry of issuing loans backed by cryptocurrency is quite small, but with a current crypto marketcap of 400 billion dollars,we will see more companies offering this type of service.

Salt is currently trading at $1.86

How to Use Steempress on Your WordPress Blog: Step by Step

Steempress is a new WordPress plugin which automatically post your latest blog posts to your Steemit account.

This wordpress plugin is so streamlined and simple to use.

First, you need to download the plugin Steempress
The download is a zip file. You do not remove the files from the zip file. You need to leave it in zipfile form.
Next, go to your WordPress site and upload the zipfile to new plugins. Once you activate the plugin, you are ready to begin.


Next, go to the settings tab in your margin and open the plugin.
As you can see in the photo, you have several settings to fill in.

Enter your Steemit user name

Enter your private posting key

Choose the wait time for posting to Steemit. If you want to post to Steemit as soon as you make a post on the site, leave the setting at 0. If you would like a bit of a delay, set the time to 10 minutes or whatever time period is good for you.

Check the box if you want to vote for your post on Steemit
Check the Box if you want to include a link back to your site
Choose the correct setting for your tags

Make sure you press the save button and go back to your posting page.
Create your post just like you would normally do for your blog. Push the Publish button and your post will also post on your account. Your post will also include a link back to your WordPress site.
Steempress does exactly what a plugin is supposed to do by keeping it simple. I think we will see many new Steemians from WordPress in the next few months due to Steempress.