Will Steem Delegations Be More in Demand After SMTs?

Accumulating Steempower on Steemit is probably a common goal of most bloggers and content creators on Steemit.com
At first, gaining more Steempower was all about increasing the value of your vote which could be used to vote on posts and possibly develop a following who would in turn vote on your content.

As more new Dapps (decentralized apps) have been developed for the Steem blockchain, We are seeing many Steemians use their Steempower for a different cause. More delegations are now going to support the new dapps on the Steem blockchain. We have seen many new Steem based apps introduced during the past 6 months. Dtube, Dsound, Dmania, Steemhunt, and Dlive are just a few that come to mind. Many of these platforms allow you to delegate Steem in return for a percentage of the profits, for tokens, or even for influence. The benefits of Steem delegation vary per platform and should be explored by anyone holding Steempower.

We have opportunities every day to delegate Steem to new Steem projects. Delegating is a great way to get in on the ground floor of many of these groundbreaking projects while potentially increasing the price of our investment.

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