Are Scatter and EOS Driving You Crazy?? All I Want to Do Is Play EOSbet dice!!

When you are trying to use some of the many new decentralized apps on the EOS blockchain, the set up may be confusing if you are new to the process. (like I was). I have been beta testing the
EOSbet dice game. The game is basically a casino built on the EOS block chain. This is so much fun, but the setup for EOS can be confusing so I am posting a few links and videos that may help you.

You will use Scatter to log into EOSdice, so we are going to get the Chrome Scatter Extension

For the purposes of simplicity, think of Scatter as the Steemconnect of EOS. The way Steemit users use Steemconnect to log into Steem based dapps, Scatter may be used for EOS dapps.

Once you have added the Scatter extension, you will create a password and copy 12 seedwords in case you ever forget your password.
Now you are going to create your keys. This are automatically generated so hit the copy button and then save these keys, private and public in a safe place.
You are creating an identity linked to these keys which will be linked to your EOS account. (If you do not have an EOS account because your EOS is on Binance do not worry… we have a link for that.)
In order to create your keys and identity within Scatter, watch the video below. This is the video I used when I set mine up.

Now that you have your keys, you need to set up an EOS account with a 12 figure user name. I paid 1 EOS for my setup. They also accept credit cards if you are paying in dollars.

EOS account creator

Use the keys you created to join the scatter to the EOS account.

The account creator has the step by step on how to do this.

Once you have your EOS account attached to the identity in Scatter, you will use Scatter to log into the dice game.

I hope this will make it easier for you to sign up for EOSbet dice

EOS Dice Signup
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