Steempress Attracts WordPress Bloggers to Steemit


Steempress is a free WordPress plugin for WordPress bloggers. The Steempress plugin is attracting more users to Steemit because they can now post to both Steemit and their blog in one click.

Installation consists of a simple upload to the admin section of WordPress. Once you have uploaded the plugin, you will need to get your posting key from your permissions in the wallet area. Enter your ID and posting key. Adjust your settings to your desired posting schedule. You can schedule post to Steemit immediately or set a delay to post minutes or even hours after you publish your post on your blog.

WordPress has millions of users who produce content everyday. Now those users can join Steemit and add their content to Steemit as well. Once these bloggers see the benefits of earning Steem, I think they will be hooked.

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