Steemhunt Announces Account Based Voting

As the introduction of Smart Media Tokens becomes closer to a reality, we should all be exploring the newer communities of Steemit.

One of the most exciting platforms of late is Steemhunt. This product finding site has so many opportunities that it is hard to know where to start.
You find the latest products and technology and list the product. This listing is then
eligible for votes just like any other post. What makes this platform even more interesting is the newly implemented voting system on Steemhunt.

The new voting system is an account based system. Your Steem power is less important and your reputation score has taken on a new importance. This really levels the playing field for minnows who do not have much Steem power. Curation trails and bots may be used, but they have no effect on the ranking of the products which determines the Steemhunt vote.

I think it is quite exciting to have the winning products determined by Steemhunt users without any outside influences. This should also make the product selection better and provide even more incentives for great hunts.

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