Steem Bounty Launches New Website

Steem Bounty is a service that allows content creators to offer bounties for various interactions on their posts. The Bounty may be any amount from .5 Steem to 50 Steem. The amount is determined by the content creator. In order to be eligible for the bounty you usually must comment on the post. Sometimes there are other requirements like answering a certain question or offering a certain opinion pertaining to the article or post.

The creator of the post decides the amount of the bounty and the requirements for earning some of the bounty.

Steem Bounty is even easier to use now because all of the bounties are organized on their new website.

You can visit the site here at Steem Bounty

You can view all of the bounties available on the site. You will also see the requirements for each bounty. Steem Bounty is a great if you would like to earn some Steem for commenting and curating. The site also helps content creators by encouraging participation and increasing traffic to their post. Steem Bounty offers benefits to both content creators and their followers.

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