Purse.io Now Accepts Bitcoin Cash

Purse.io is a site that allows users to purchase items from Amazon through third parties using Bitcoin. The site makes it possible for shoppers to save about 10 to 15% on Amazon purchases. The Purse.io site has been active for years, but only accepted Bitcoin. Purse.io has now announced that they will also accept Bitcoin Cash.

This announcement is great news for Purse.io users as the site had become more difficult to use when the price of Bitcoin reached record highs only to drop to new lows over the course of a few months. You can participate one of two ways on Purse.io. You can pay a third party in Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash for an item on Amazon. Your crypto is held by Purse.io until your item is delivered at which time the money is released to the third party seller.

You may also participate by filling orders. Choose a pending order,fill the order on Amazon and wait for your payment in cryptocurrency. I expect Purse.io to accept even more cryptocurrencies in the future.

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