Tokenpay Purchases German Bank


Tokenpay is taking the lead in the vertical integration of cryptocurrency into the everyday lives of consumers and investors.   Tokenpay  has recently  acquired a stake in a Munich based WEG Bank AG in Germany.  The initial stake is 9%, but this will increase to a much larger stake once the mandatory regulation requirements have been met by Tokenpay.

Tokenpay has talked about providing other banking services such as debit cards in the near future. As they make more progress in this arena, we will see the barriers of going from fiat to cryptocurrency disappear, which will be great for everyone who wants to be free of establishment banking.

Tokenpay has also made progress in the integration of merchant services. They recently partnered with which allows cryptocurrencies to be used on many large ecommerce sites.

Shopify is just one of the platforms that uses    The fact that Tokenpay may now be used in thousands of Shopify stores means more and more everyday customers will be able to actually use the cryptocurrency.

Offering Tokenpay as a payment method has benefits for the merchant as well. The possibility of chargebacks is practically eliminated.  The merchant fees of less than 1% are also much lower than the usual credit card fees.