How is ONO Different from Steemit?

I have just watched an interesting question and answer session about the new social network, ONO. The founder of ONO, Ke Xu has made it clear that the new social network will be built for the individual user. ONO has received an increasing amount of attention during the last few months because it is the first social network to be built using the EOS blockchain.

@Stellabelle is serving as head of international operations at ONO and offers a unique inside view of this social network startup. You can view the live stream here

I encourage anyone interested in ONO to watch the livestream as @Stellabelle does a great job of getting into the entire philosophy of the unique ONO community.

Unlike Steemit, where Steempower empowers the user according to the amount of Steem in the account. ONO will be a one person one account vote regardless of the number of tokens owned by the user.

One of the most interesting aspects of ONO is the evergreen nature of posts. Content creators will be able to earn income for an indefinite period. The content will not be limited to 7 days the way it is on Steemit.

ONO users will be able to customize their user experience by activating different modules, therefore the platform will be different for every user according to their likes and dislikes.

ONO users will have the option to remain anonymous or verified. Only verified users will be eligible to participate in voting for the leaders of ONO which is something similar to the witness program of Steemit.

ONO is not yet available in the US and will initially be available by invitation only.

Austrian Post Offices Now Sell Cryptocurrency

Post Offices in Austria are now offering cryptocurrency for sale. “Bitpanda to Go” is a new start up which strives to make buying cryptocurrency easier for the masses. The company wants to make crypto more accessible for use in everyday life. Offering cryptocurrency at the post office is a good start.

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash and Ethereum are a few of the currencies being offered at over 1800 branches. Buyers receive a receipt from the post office which can be entered at Purchasers only need an email to buy the cryptocurrency.

As more people gain easy access to cryptocurrency, we should see increased usage across the globe. Now Accepts Bitcoin Cash is a site that allows users to purchase items from Amazon through third parties using Bitcoin. The site makes it possible for shoppers to save about 10 to 15% on Amazon purchases. The site has been active for years, but only accepted Bitcoin. has now announced that they will also accept Bitcoin Cash.

This announcement is great news for users as the site had become more difficult to use when the price of Bitcoin reached record highs only to drop to new lows over the course of a few months. You can participate one of two ways on You can pay a third party in Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash for an item on Amazon. Your crypto is held by until your item is delivered at which time the money is released to the third party seller.

You may also participate by filling orders. Choose a pending order,fill the order on Amazon and wait for your payment in cryptocurrency. I expect to accept even more cryptocurrencies in the future.

Facebook Reverses Previous Ban on Cryptocurrency Ads

Facebook announced a ban on all cryptocurrency ads just 6 months ago, in January of 2018. The initial ban seemed to be an attempt to shelter Facebook users from potential fraud. The ban was absolute and immediate.
Facebook will continue the ban on ICO’s (initial coin offerings), but they are lifting the ban on cryptocurrency.

Placing ads on Facebook is usually done with a click of a button. Facebook is know for their accurate targeting whether it be by age, earnings or geography. This targeting makes Facebook advertising quite valuable to up and coming cryptocurrencies looking to attract investors.

While Facebook is lifting the ban on advertising, potential advertisers will be required to submit an application in order to be eligible to advertise. The application will include background information on their business and financial information.

Bitcoin Price 1 Year Ago

The price of Bitcoin 1 year ago was around $2600. The current price of Bitcoin is over $6000. Even considering the tremendous price drop of Bitcoin from the $14,000 range, if you invested one year ago you have earned a solid return on your money.

We have seen these charts showing investments from 1 year ago and where you would be today if you had just held the coin for a year. I think we will be seeing the same kind of charts next year. The media loves to scream about the demise of Bitcoin, but we have all been here before. Remember when Steem was at 12 cents? I remember and it was not that long ago.

I think we are going to see a decoupling of Bitcoin from the rest of the market. As more institutional money pours into the market, I think the price of Bitcoin will have less and less influence over the price of altcoins.

Github Users Get New Bitcoin Cash Tipping App is a new tipping application for Github. The new app uses Bitcoin Cash. Github is a popular service that offers hosting for open source projects. Developers use Github to develop projects, test code, and perform bug tracking on new projects. The new app will allow developers to tip each other and even pay each other for contributions.

Bitcoin cash has been the subject of much controversy with certain factions insisting that BCH is the true Bitcoin. Bitcoin Cash is much faster than Bitcoin which makes it perfect to use on a daily basis. It is much more practical to use than Bitcoin because the fees are much lower than Bitcoin.

EOS #5 in Blockchain Transactions

EOS is ranked number 5 on the blockchain activity chart. The chart shows transactions of the most active cryptocurrency.

Steem is still number one with over 1,300,000 transactions. Ethereum is number 2 with over 750,000. Bitshares is number 3 with over 570,000. Bitcoin is number 4 with over 193,000. EOS is number 5 with over 70,000.

ETC is number 6 with over 50,000. Golos is number 6 with over 35,000. Doge is number 7 with over 24,000 and Litecoin is number 8 with over 23,000.

Considering many of these coins have been active for years, I think the fact that EOS has made a showing after being active for mere weeks bodes well for the much hyped coin.

As EOS continues to grow, the speculation is that the blockchains of Dan Larimer may soon dominate the entire crypto market.

Fundition Launches Crowdfunding Site

Fundition has launched a new crowdfunding site on the Steem Blockchain. You can visit the site at

Fundition Crowdfunding

Various projects may be found on the site. You have the opportunity to invest in these projects using cryptocurrency. The site accepts several different coins or you may log in using Steemconnect to pay in Steem or Steem Dollars. Steemit has delegated one million Steempower to Fundition so I’m sure we will see many exciting updates in the near future.

Fundition has also mentioned the release of their Smart Token, the Heart Token. I think we will see many great causes on this new platform which we can easily support with Steem. The Steemit community is already doing so much good, but this will just add an organized platform which we can use to change the world for the better.

These are very exciting times for Steemit!

Will Steem Delegations Be More in Demand After SMTs?

Accumulating Steempower on Steemit is probably a common goal of most bloggers and content creators on
At first, gaining more Steempower was all about increasing the value of your vote which could be used to vote on posts and possibly develop a following who would in turn vote on your content.

As more new Dapps (decentralized apps) have been developed for the Steem blockchain, We are seeing many Steemians use their Steempower for a different cause. More delegations are now going to support the new dapps on the Steem blockchain. We have seen many new Steem based apps introduced during the past 6 months. Dtube, Dsound, Dmania, Steemhunt, and Dlive are just a few that come to mind. Many of these platforms allow you to delegate Steem in return for a percentage of the profits, for tokens, or even for influence. The benefits of Steem delegation vary per platform and should be explored by anyone holding Steempower.

We have opportunities every day to delegate Steem to new Steem projects. Delegating is a great way to get in on the ground floor of many of these groundbreaking projects while potentially increasing the price of our investment.

Steem Bounty Launches New Website

Steem Bounty is a service that allows content creators to offer bounties for various interactions on their posts. The Bounty may be any amount from .5 Steem to 50 Steem. The amount is determined by the content creator. In order to be eligible for the bounty you usually must comment on the post. Sometimes there are other requirements like answering a certain question or offering a certain opinion pertaining to the article or post.

The creator of the post decides the amount of the bounty and the requirements for earning some of the bounty.

Steem Bounty is even easier to use now because all of the bounties are organized on their new website.

You can visit the site here at Steem Bounty

You can view all of the bounties available on the site. You will also see the requirements for each bounty. Steem Bounty is a great if you would like to earn some Steem for commenting and curating. The site also helps content creators by encouraging participation and increasing traffic to their post. Steem Bounty offers benefits to both content creators and their followers.