How to Find The Latest Steem Projects

New projects are being developed using the Steem Blockchain everyday. If you are like me, you may have found some of the new Steem platforms by reading Steemit. Most of these kind of posts are on the trending page, but often the projects have been around for months before we see a post about them. This means you have missed months of potentially earning Steem on a new platform.

Steem Projects is a website that features new projects on the Steem blockchain. You will find everything from sites like Dtube and Dsound to WordPress plugins, browsers,games, and just about any other type of application for Steem.

The only drawback to this site is that some of these projects are still in the beginning stages. Some are still in beta and not really available yet. For this reason I like to also go to the delegation tool at Steembottracker. This tool allows you to enter any account on Steemit and see where they are delegating power. I enter the name “Misterdelegation” which is the Steemit delegation account that has given delegations for sites like busy, Esteem, Dlive, Dtube, Dmania and many others.

As you can see below, the delegations are numerous and quite large. When a platform is being delegated a million Steem power, I tend to think that platform will be a success and is certainly worth checking out.

Finding these new platforms is especially good if you are new to Steemit and have not gained a real following yet. Many of the new platforms like Steemhunt, Steempress, Dmania and Dtube support their content providers with votes from the platform itself. These votes are for various amounts and may happen several times a day or even several times an hour. These platform votes are a great way to get started earning Steem. I find it exciting to explore all of the new platforms of Steem. I hope you will find it fun and profitable too. These are a few to check out.

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