How is ONO Different from Steemit?

I have just watched an interesting question and answer session about the new social network, ONO. The founder of ONO, Ke Xu has made it clear that the new social network will be built for the individual user. ONO has received an increasing amount of attention during the last few months because it is the first social network to be built using the EOS blockchain.

@Stellabelle is serving as head of international operations at ONO and offers a unique inside view of this social network startup. You can view the live stream here

I encourage anyone interested in ONO to watch the livestream as @Stellabelle does a great job of getting into the entire philosophy of the unique ONO community.

Unlike Steemit, where Steempower empowers the user according to the amount of Steem in the account. ONO will be a one person one account vote regardless of the number of tokens owned by the user.

One of the most interesting aspects of ONO is the evergreen nature of posts. Content creators will be able to earn income for an indefinite period. The content will not be limited to 7 days the way it is on Steemit.

ONO users will be able to customize their user experience by activating different modules, therefore the platform will be different for every user according to their likes and dislikes.

ONO users will have the option to remain anonymous or verified. Only verified users will be eligible to participate in voting for the leaders of ONO which is something similar to the witness program of Steemit.

ONO is not yet available in the US and will initially be available by invitation only.

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