Google Bans All Cryptocurrency Advertising

Google has announced a ban on all cryptocurrency advertising on their platform. The claim we are hearing is that Google wants to protect their users from possibly fraudulent ICO’s and other questionable schemes. This sudden over protective attitude seems a little odd coming from Google which allows advertising for almost anything else.

Some have even speculated that the ban has more to do with Google wanting to create their own currency and advertise it exclusively on Google. Both Google and Facebook have expressed an interest in exploring the blockchain technology.

The ban on advertising has opened up a new world for what they call “Twitter influencers”. These are Twitter personalities with large followings who constantly Tweet news and updates about specific coins. Some of these guys are quite informed and offer a real service. Many coins are now hiring these “influencers” to promote their coins. The reputable ones always disclose when they are being paid, so I don’t have any problem with that. In fact, I have found some great deals on coins in the early stages which I would have never heard of without Twitter.

One of my favorites on Twitter is @Cryptomocho This guy’s favorite line is “I have a bag”. He has a knack for finding these obscure coins that no one has ever heard of which are selling in the 2 satoshi range. In other words, anyone can afford these coins. Most of these coins are on the smaller exchanges and relatively unknown. Of course, they are not all winners, but I’ve seen enough of them do well to know to check out the ones he mentions.

Ironically, the Google Ad ban has created an almost subculture of Twitter personalities who are in essence their own ads for cryptocurrencies except these ads are much more interesting and fun!

Disclaimer: this is not financial advice

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