Fundition Launches Crowdfunding Site

Fundition has launched a new crowdfunding site on the Steem Blockchain. You can visit the site at

Fundition Crowdfunding

Various projects may be found on the site. You have the opportunity to invest in these projects using cryptocurrency. The site accepts several different coins or you may log in using Steemconnect to pay in Steem or Steem Dollars. Steemit has delegated one million Steempower to Fundition so I’m sure we will see many exciting updates in the near future.

Fundition has also mentioned the release of their Smart Token, the Heart Token. I think we will see many great causes on this new platform which we can easily support with Steem. The Steemit community is already doing so much good, but this will just add an organized platform which we can use to change the world for the better.

These are very exciting times for Steemit!

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