EOS #5 in Blockchain Transactions

EOS is ranked number 5 on the blockchain activity chart. The chart shows transactions of the most active cryptocurrency.

Steem is still number one with over 1,300,000 transactions. Ethereum is number 2 with over 750,000. Bitshares is number 3 with over 570,000. Bitcoin is number 4 with over 193,000. EOS is number 5 with over 70,000.

ETC is number 6 with over 50,000. Golos is number 6 with over 35,000. Doge is number 7 with over 24,000 and Litecoin is number 8 with over 23,000.

Considering many of these coins have been active for years, I think the fact that EOS has made a showing after being active for mere weeks bodes well for the much hyped coin.

As EOS continues to grow, the speculation is that the blockchains of Dan Larimer may soon dominate the entire crypto market.

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