Earning ONO Rewards

Earning ONO rewards is very easy right now since the new app is doing everything to promote new signups. You can earn 100 ONO just for signing up here ONO Signup Use the invite code JZFRto receive your ONO.

Invitation Code for ONO

You may receive rewards for registering and for referring new users.

These are screenshots from my new account. As you can see, you receive rewards for sharing content and uploading content.
You also receive ONO for posting and commenting.

ONO Rewards

I’m sure as the site grows more popular earning ONO may become more difficult so now is a great time to become active on the site. As of now this site is available through a mobile app.

Are Scatter and EOS Driving You Crazy?? All I Want to Do Is Play EOSbet dice!!

When you are trying to use some of the many new decentralized apps on the EOS blockchain, the set up may be confusing if you are new to the process. (like I was). I have been beta testing the
EOSbet dice game. The game is basically a casino built on the EOS block chain. This is so much fun, but the setup for EOS can be confusing so I am posting a few links and videos that may help you.

You will use Scatter to log into EOSdice, so we are going to get the Chrome Scatter Extension

For the purposes of simplicity, think of Scatter as the Steemconnect of EOS. The way Steemit users use Steemconnect to log into Steem based dapps, Scatter may be used for EOS dapps.

Once you have added the Scatter extension, you will create a password and copy 12 seedwords in case you ever forget your password.
Now you are going to create your keys. This are automatically generated so hit the copy button and then save these keys, private and public in a safe place.
You are creating an identity linked to these keys which will be linked to your EOS account. (If you do not have an EOS account because your EOS is on Binance do not worry… we have a link for that.)
In order to create your keys and identity within Scatter, watch the video below. This is the video I used when I set mine up.

Now that you have your keys, you need to set up an EOS account with a 12 figure user name. I paid 1 EOS for my setup. They also accept credit cards if you are paying in dollars.

EOS account creator

Use the keys you created to join the scatter to the EOS account.

The account creator has the step by step on how to do this.

Once you have your EOS account attached to the identity in Scatter, you will use Scatter to log into the dice game.

I hope this will make it easier for you to sign up for EOSbet dice

EOS Dice Signup
(By using this referral link the receiver of the referral will get a 0.5% bonus towards their wins. There’s no reason not to get referred and receive bigger wins for e
ach bet placed)


Purse.io Now Accepts Bitcoin Cash

Purse.io is a site that allows users to purchase items from Amazon through third parties using Bitcoin. The site makes it possible for shoppers to save about 10 to 15% on Amazon purchases. The Purse.io site has been active for years, but only accepted Bitcoin. Purse.io has now announced that they will also accept Bitcoin Cash.

This announcement is great news for Purse.io users as the site had become more difficult to use when the price of Bitcoin reached record highs only to drop to new lows over the course of a few months. You can participate one of two ways on Purse.io. You can pay a third party in Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash for an item on Amazon. Your crypto is held by Purse.io until your item is delivered at which time the money is released to the third party seller.

You may also participate by filling orders. Choose a pending order,fill the order on Amazon and wait for your payment in cryptocurrency. I expect Purse.io to accept even more cryptocurrencies in the future.

EOS #5 in Blockchain Transactions

EOS is ranked number 5 on the blockchain activity chart. The chart shows transactions of the most active cryptocurrency.

Steem is still number one with over 1,300,000 transactions. Ethereum is number 2 with over 750,000. Bitshares is number 3 with over 570,000. Bitcoin is number 4 with over 193,000. EOS is number 5 with over 70,000.

ETC is number 6 with over 50,000. Golos is number 6 with over 35,000. Doge is number 7 with over 24,000 and Litecoin is number 8 with over 23,000.

Considering many of these coins have been active for years, I think the fact that EOS has made a showing after being active for mere weeks bodes well for the much hyped coin.

As EOS continues to grow, the speculation is that the blockchains of Dan Larimer may soon dominate the entire crypto market.

Steem Bounty Launches New Website

Steem Bounty is a service that allows content creators to offer bounties for various interactions on their posts. The Bounty may be any amount from .5 Steem to 50 Steem. The amount is determined by the content creator. In order to be eligible for the bounty you usually must comment on the post. Sometimes there are other requirements like answering a certain question or offering a certain opinion pertaining to the article or post.

The creator of the post decides the amount of the bounty and the requirements for earning some of the bounty.

Steem Bounty is even easier to use now because all of the bounties are organized on their new website.

You can visit the site here at Steem Bounty

You can view all of the bounties available on the site. You will also see the requirements for each bounty. Steem Bounty is a great if you would like to earn some Steem for commenting and curating. The site also helps content creators by encouraging participation and increasing traffic to their post. Steem Bounty offers benefits to both content creators and their followers.

Steemhunt Announces Account Based Voting

As the introduction of Smart Media Tokens becomes closer to a reality, we should all be exploring the newer communities of Steemit.

One of the most exciting platforms of late is Steemhunt. This product finding site has so many opportunities that it is hard to know where to start.
You find the latest products and technology and list the product. This listing is then
eligible for votes just like any other post. What makes this platform even more interesting is the newly implemented voting system on Steemhunt.

The new voting system is an account based system. Your Steem power is less important and your reputation score has taken on a new importance. This really levels the playing field for minnows who do not have much Steem power. Curation trails and bots may be used, but they have no effect on the ranking of the products which determines the Steemhunt vote.

I think it is quite exciting to have the winning products determined by Steemhunt users without any outside influences. This should also make the product selection better and provide even more incentives for great hunts.

Steem Commands 49% of All Blockchain Activity This Week

Once again, Steem tops the chart as the most active cryptocurrency. For the past seven days Steem commands 49% of all Global blockchain activity.
Bitshares comes in second place with over 28% of all activity. Ethereum represents a little over 12 percent.

In spite of the fact that Bitcoin is the most well known cryptocurrency, the activity of Bitcoin represents only
5.5% of all activity. All the remaining cryptocurrencies represent just 4% of all activity.

The fact that most currencies seem to follow the volatility of Bitcoin is all the more surprising when you see these figures. When Bitcoin dips, most of the altcoins do the same. As Bitcoin rises, the altcoins tend to rise as well. Why would the market be dictated by a coin that only makes up 5% of overall blockchain activity?

I think as the market matures, we will see Bitcoin decouple from the altcoins and have less effect on their prices. This would be good for the entire market allowing coins to be valued on their individual merits instead of rising and falling with Bitcoin.