Tasteem A Restaurant Review App on the Steem Blockchain

Welcome to Tasteem, another Steem Blockchain event.

Tasteem is one of the latest additions to the Steem blockchain. Tasteem looks like a high end Yelp where you can
leave restaurant reviews and food reviews. The app has been active on the Korean site, but is not yet available world wide.
Looking at the posts on the Korean site, you can see beautiful pictures of food, exotic restaurants along with reviews from Steemit users. The restaurant reviews earn Steem just like any other post.

The main site tasteem.io is still in development. Tasteem has just received a large delegation from Steemit so I think we can expect to see some great things from this site in the near future.

I have been comparing this to Yelp, but I think Tasteem has a certain elegance that Yelp lacks. I will be posting more updates on Tasteem in the near future.