Blockchain Activity Report for Week of July 9th

The Blockchain activity report for the week of July 9th shows Bitshares dominating global blockchain activity with over 60% activity. Steem comes in second with 21.9% activity. Ethereum has dropped to just 8.8%. Bitcoin and EOS maintain similar activity ranges with EOS hitting 2.7% and Bitcoin representing 2.9%. All of the remaining cryptocurrencies represent just 2.9% of this weeks’ blockchain activity.

Bitshares has seen a dramatic increase in usage over the past 2 weeks. Bitshares usually maintains the number 2 spot with Steem being the most active crytocurrency. During the past few weeks, Bitshares has been the most active cryptocurrency, not due to any failing on the performance of Steem, but just a massive increase for Bitshares.

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