Bitcoin Price 1 Year Ago

The price of Bitcoin 1 year ago was around $2600. The current price of Bitcoin is over $6000. Even considering the tremendous price drop of Bitcoin from the $14,000 range, if you invested one year ago you have earned a solid return on your money.

We have seen these charts showing investments from 1 year ago and where you would be today if you had just held the coin for a year. I think we will be seeing the same kind of charts next year. The media loves to scream about the demise of Bitcoin, but we have all been here before. Remember when Steem was at 12 cents? I remember and it was not that long ago.

I think we are going to see a decoupling of Bitcoin from the rest of the market. As more institutional money pours into the market, I think the price of Bitcoin will have less and less influence over the price of altcoins.

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