3 Reasons Why Steempress May Be The Best Way to Monetize Your Blog

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One of the greatest challenges of maintaining a blog is the constant battle for traffic. Of course, not just any traffic will do, we all want targeted traffic. We also need a way to monetize our content. We have all seen numerous examples of monetization such as affiliate offers and even Google Adsense. As internet users become more savvy, earning income using these methods has become more difficult.

For one thing, programs like Google adsense have placed so many restrictions on website owners that you may feel like you are working for Google instead of running your own site. If your site happens to relate to cryptocurrency, the limitations are even more severe.

The new WordPress plugin, Steempress may be the answer to many of these problems. The plugin is free and easy to use and solves the following problems.

1. Steempress automatically links your blog to Steemit so you will have built in traffic from the Steemit platform.

2. By sharing your content on Steemit, you may earn from both other Steemit users and your content is also eligible for a vote for Steempress. This plugin is actually supporting your writing by upvoting the content of many of the Steempress plugin bloggers.

3. Perhaps the most important reason to use Steempress is the fact that both you and your content are not limited. You can write about cryptocurrency without the fear of Google closing your account. I think this freedom is what makes Steempress and Steemit so special. You are free to express yourself without limitations and Steempress is supporting your blog while you do so.

If you are grateful for this opportunity like I am, make sure you leave a review for the plugin on WordPress. These reviews are great exposure for both Steempress and Steemit. Afterall, Steempress is supporting us, so let’s take a moment and support them.

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